We will guide you as to the requirements for the incorporation of a company.

Firstly, you are to decide on what name your company will bear. This would end with Nigeria Limited. E.g Trusted Hands Nigeria Limited.
You are to choose two names for the application for availability of name.
If however one of the names given is approved, the Registration begins.

Note that you will require the following:
1. Share capital of the company (1million share capital advisable or more, depending on the size of the company).
2. The share allotments to the subscribers. I.e how much shares do you want to give to each subscriber.
3. Notice of Company address and Email address of the company
4. Name of Secretary of the company, phone, email address and residential address
5. Objects of the company .I.e Businesses the company would do upon incorporation.
6. List of Board of Directors (Minimum is 2)
7. Identification cards of Directors, phone, email address and residential or office address.
8. FIRS Stamp duty payment to be done by Trusted Hands
9. Filing at Corporate Affairs Commission.
10. Proficiency Certificate ( Where necessary, especially for professional and consultancy firms).

Duration for Registration of a Company : 4 - 7 working days.
Fee: 65, 000.

For more enquiries:
Trusted Hands Corporate Services Limited


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